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All of the forms are available from the appropriate College/Faculty websites and the e-portfolio systems. The latest versions of paperwork are available on the  Principles of quality and safety improvement (E, Mi, CBD, MSF, ACAT, AA). 10. The RCEM have identified a limited number of key CMPs and CAPs that it wishes to be. covered by other forms of evidence are marked by a star below.

(available on the Intranet under 'forms') and faxed to 0207 384 2762 or emailed Abdominal ultrasound – if common bile duct (CBD) and duct dilatation is Consider specific antidotes: see RCEM/NPIS antidote guideline list and list of the.

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Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content and share it all with friends, family and the world on YouTube. Case based Discussion (CbD) tool for MRCGP Workplace Based CbD is one of the tools used to collect evidence for your Trainee ePortfolio, as part of the Workplace Based Assessment component of the MRCGP exam. How Case-based Discussion (CbD) works. The CbD tool has been designed to be used in both hospital and GP settings. Workplace based assessment | JRCPTB The various workplace based assessment methods are described below. These methods will be used in different ways by different specialties and not all specialties will use all methods. Please refer to the relevant curriculum for details. These assessment tools are available online in the ePortfolio. Emergency Medicine UK : Search for a document

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ACCS ARCP Documentation - Wessex Deanery Form R completed using the PDF and guidance found on the main ARCP page. A Form R is a mandatory requirement for all trainees. Reflection on Additional Work Outside of Training (Word) - this applies to any work for which you may use your medical skills, e.g. locums in another Trust or any work completed under Section 12 outside of training. Case based Discussion (CbD) - Royal College of Radiologists Case based Discussion (CbD) Assessor’s Registration Number (e.g GMC, NMC) Trainee’s GMC Number Date of Assessment (DD/MM/YY) / / Assessor’s Name Home - RCEMLearning Welcome to RCEMLearning. Here are our most recent and popular publications from across the site Ⓒ2019 Royal College of Emergency Medicine & Creative Commons

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